TamerTerra (tamerterra) wrote,

Age Of IRON! First event!

Turns out, I spent the entire event downstating myself - one less armour point than my character sheet says, and I also added 'lesser' to one of my offensive spells (thus making it affect less monsters) that needen't have been there. Oops! Conversely, another spell I was certain that I had is missing from my character sheet, so maybe the flange there evens out. Double-oops?

High-points: Screaming "I DON'T CARE!" at Septimus and Andromar at the climax of the Sunday-morning battle in response to their worrying that a course of action might have certain effects;

The entire mission and going in three times and cultural misunderstandings with the Owl-Cave That Wasn't;

The Night-Mission to go and light the Beacon (not Bacon) on the Friday night, and how organised we could be, even for adventurers, when we knew that if we fucked up too badly, we would all die. And then setting things on fire with my hands, which is kinda Sin'ba's stick*.

And now I've gotten back, and it's a couple of days later, and I don't have an awesome job that I was really hoping for, but I do now have a signed tenancy agreement and enough funds to eat lazily until we've recovered.

*It's funny because it's a pun on 'schtick', and also Sin'ba has a stick that sets things on fire.
Tags: larp, secrets of shattered iron
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