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there is less room for deviance in deviance, than in any other human endeavor

20 May 1989
Hello, I'm TamerTerra, a LARPer and a madwoman who lives in England. My name does not relate to Terra from Teen Titans - I had the name before there was cartoon. Back when I was twelve and the internet seemed to be entirely Yahoo! groups.

Lots of stuff has changed in my life since I started this LJ - I started it entirely to participate in LJ fandom, moving from forums, and since then I've learnt so much from knowing people here through my GCSE and A-Level years. Since I've been at university and started LARPing, I've pretty much stopped engaging with fandom and instead began using this thing to talk through things of life that I can't necessarily talk about IRL.

Also to squee, of course. I am still a fanthing.

Not all of my fic is in my Memories. All the LJ-based stuff is in tags (tamerterra.livejournal.com/tag/my+fic), and I talk about my fic in tag/fic . My multi-chapter stuff is on ff.net (fanfiction.net/~tamerterra).

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